200 meter sprint / 200 meters

The 200 meter sprint begins with a staggered start on a curved track and normally results in a faster average time due to a smaller portion of the race spent in the acceleration phase.  However, the curve does impede top speeds.  Sprinters often prefer the middle lanes as the inside lanes have a very sharp turn.  Pietro Mennea's 1979 200 meters record of 19.72 set in Mexico City stood until Michael Johnson broke that record in 1996.  Michael Johnson's 19.32 200 meter record set in the 1996 Olympics was beaten by Usain Bolt in the 2008 Beijing Olympics with a time of 19.30.  Florence Griffith Joyner holds the women's 200 meter world record with a time of 21.34 set at the 1998 Olympic games. 

Usain Bolt smashes his own 200 meter world record set in the 2008 Olympics and destroys the field in a 2009 World Championship time of 19.19 seconds in Berlin.   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=000J8GN9NNg


Usain Bolt of Jamaica astonishes everyone in the 2008 Olympic final in a new 200 meter Olympic and World record of 19.30 seconds, breaking Michael Johnson's 200 meter world record set in the 1996 Olympics  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z94Zh4aQQZU 

Michael Johnson smashes the previous 200 meter World Record in the Atlanta 1996 Olympic final leaving his competitors well behind in a World Record time of 19.32 seconds which stood till 2008

Michael Johnson 1996 200 meter Olympic final of 19.32 seconds - video quality is better than the previous video but the commentary is not in English   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aLeL3j6UHSo&feature=player_embedded

American Allyson Felix wins the 2009 World Championship in Berlin with a time of 22.02 seconds


Veronica Campbell of Jamaica wins the 2004 Athens Olympic 200 meter final in 22.06 seconds.  18 year old Allyson Felix of the US finishes second.